DoubleSix Dice: Generation Two

Created by Matt Fleming (DoubleSix Dice)

Brand new materials/effects for the acclaimed twelve-sided dice (numbered 1-6 twice and providing a more satisfying feel and roll). Lots of new colors and new styles like Pearl, Smoke, Glitter, Frosted and more!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #17: Get set...
about 3 hours ago – Sun, Feb 23, 2020 at 01:27:20 AM

Dear Team DoubleSix,

The Smoke Test went out to 200 Backers earlier today, and about 104 of them filled it out so far.  There were no email complaints, concerns, or expressed confusion, so it looks like the Backerkit is ready for Prime Time (it will launch about Sunday, 2 pm EST).

1) In response to Backer feedback, all 3-packs were converted to 4-packs (Frosted Gray w/KS Green 4-pack; Frosted Limited with a Glossy Ivory added; and TripleFours with Glossy Ivory added). Glossy Ivories were added because I had ordered significant surplus.

2) Influenced by the survey responses, there are no pack limits (ie. Backers can order as many packs of a certain type of dice as they paid for).

3) Add-ons for Bulk tier are live (ie. not paused) and not limited, which will allow us to gauge true demand, because...

4) We will monitor sales closely and strongly consider re-ordering dice that are tracking to sell out.

5) You can see all the packs HERE for you to consider how many total packs you might want (ie. if you plan to add more packs that your original pledge).

Thanks for all your patience. 


Update #16 (A: "On your marks...")
5 days ago – Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 03:08:01 AM

Dear Team DoubleSix:


1) Photos of all dice and packs (in grid) below.

2) Photos include the two repainted dice.

3) Backerkit should launch this week, after a Smoke Test.  

4) The total number of dice and packs and mix packs are being finalized, and can be seen on this spreadsheet (video explaining sheet below).  There will be limits, and dice will sell-out, unless we decide to set order limits for backers.  Share your thoughts on this POLL (again, sorry for those that can't log-in). 

5) If some dice do sell out quickly, there might be some options. 

6) There are several 3-packs (which ones and rationale below).

7) How to prepare for the Backerkit, which will have an atypical add-on format (video below).


1) Photos of all the dice:

2) Photos of the two repainted dice arrived (included in the grid above).  

  • Matte Black with Red pretty much stayed the same (dark red).  It will be a Limited Edition. Not exactly sure why, but the partial explanation has to do with improving environmental standards impacting ink choice. 
  • Clear Dark Blue with Gold was improved a little bit.  

3) We are almost ready to launch the Backerkit, but with a different add-on structure (explained below, as well as in the video).   Please prepare for the Backerkit by looking at all the packs in the grid, and determine the total number of packs you want, especially if you might want more packs then you originally pledge (prepare to add $3-4 per additional pack). If you want to upgrade to 12 or more packs, be prepared to also pay additional shipping (around +$1 US, +$7 Canada, +$9 RotW)

But first, there will be a Smoke Test later this week (Backerkit allows 5% of random backers to get the pledge manager early to help us identify and work out any kinks; read more about this in this blog post). 

Once the smoke clears, there will be another KS update (B: "Get Set...") letting you know about any last minute updates and changes, and exactly when the Backerkit will go out to the rest of the backers.  And about 24 hours later, there will be another update (C: "Go!") confirming the launch of the Backerkit.

4) In total, 337,500 Dice (in 27 varieties) have been ordered (on tab 1 here), for 3,878 Backers who have paid for 100,304 dice (on tab 2). We are planning on 34 different packs to choose from (this includes Mix packs), and have tentatively decided to have Starry Games in China pack them into set amounts of 4-packs (and some 3-packs), which will all then be shipped to a fulfillment center in the US, where they will be pick and packed for each Backer order.  Below is a video explaining the spreadsheet.  

4) On average, there will be around 2,000 4-packs of each dice type, and 2,000 of each of 7 Mix packs (on Tab 1 spreadsheet, where comments are enabled and welcomed). Unfortunately, these necessary limits means some dice types are likely to sell out during the Backerkit.  We have tentatively ruled out setting limits on how many of each pack a backer can claim (like 1 or 2 max of a certain pack) so that every backer would have access to all the dice types for as long as possible.  However, I am curious what you all think about this plan, so please take this SURVEY

6) If we don't go with limits, as planned, and a particular type sells out fast, I am OPEN to (no guarantees) ordering more of that type and airmailing them in (while the rest of the dice are enroute on the cargo ship).  Backers that don't need to change their order should still get them as scheduled (without an added delay).  Those wanting to wait for a new batch will be informed of the order plan and should be able to change their order.  This all depends on potential production capacity and schedules, virus delays, Backerkit functionality, etc. 

7) 3-Packs: As you saw in the grid, there are three 3-packs.  For the Mix packs, this was mostly due to not having produced the total number of types in a multiple of 4, and not wanting to repeat any dice in a mix pack (so we could save them for the 4-pack).

  • Kickstarter Exclusive Frosted Dark Gray with KS Green: 15,000 units were ordered, so this way we have 5,000 total packs, as this is likely to be popular.  These are also Limited Edition (will not be produced again) as well as Exclusive (only available via Kickstarter).
  • MIX #6 (TripleFour 3-pack): as only three were produced this campaign: The Otaku, Jazzy Bear, and the Monty.
  • MIX #7 (Frosted Limited Edition 3-pack): Frosted Clear Light Blue w/ White, Frosted Clear Red w/ Silver, and Frosted Dark Gray w/ Silver are all Limited Editions. 

How to add more packs: Remember, you will have the option to add more dice to your pledge, but it won't be via the traditional "add-on" method.  If you DO want more dice, you will have to change your pledge tier to one of the new ones we created based on the total number of packs you want (each additional pack will be +$3, until you reach Bulk level, at which point each add-on is +$4).  Here is a video of the tentative Backerkit set-up. 

  • This atypical set-up was due to complicated shipping and Backerkit limitations.  Shipping costs can double at a certain weight.  We didn't want to charge additional shipping for add-ons under that weight, but also didn't want to eat additional shipping charges if a backer happened to add on too many packs.  Jazzy Bear was able to find us a solution accounting for all this. 
  • Only the Bulk tier will have traditional add-ons (at +$4 each) in the Backerkit, as there will be no additional shipping costs for any amount of packs added-on.  However, if you do upgrade to Bulk (as well as the 12 pack tier), you will have to pay additional shipping charges (+$1 US, +$7 CA, +$9 RotW).
  • For every tier other than Bulk, you have already paid for shipping via Kickstarter (so you will not be charged for more shipping in Backerkit, even if you change tiers to any one not including the 12 or Bulk (13) tier).  


OK, we are getting very close now.  Thanks for your patience.  Because this campaign is so complicated, we want to make sure to get as clear and as right as possible before we launch.  This is like preparing to get all the cookies and systems ready before letting 4,000 customers into the bakery to order all the different cookies they want (it could be chaos if we don't prepare adequately).

Gratefully yours,


#15 February Update
18 days ago – Wed, Feb 05, 2020 at 02:34:50 AM

Dear Team Doublesix,


1) Backerkit will come out a little after Feb 10th, depending on the corona virus outbreak outcome.

2) We need to wait for photos of the repainted dice. 

3) Refunds continue to be issued.

4) Supply concerns are being planned for. 

5) Final Production Dice Photos:  You can see (but not yet order) the final production dice  (except Clear Blue with Gold and Matte Black with Red) at the pre-order store.


1) Backerkit will come out a little after Feb 10th. 

  • Nico forgot to include samples of the repainted dice in the latest airmailed package, sent out prior to Chinese New Year.
  • She has been out of the office for all of Chinese New Year, and due to government restrictions regarding the corona virus, she is not able to get back to the office until Feb 10th, at the earliest.  When she can, she will photo the repainted dice, email the photos to me, and I will upload them to the Backerkit, which will then launch.

2) We need to wait for photos of the repainted dice.  Why?  As you can see below, it is unclear what they will ultimately look like.  On the left were the samples I ordered, and on the right are the production run dice.  I have asked them to repaint all of them, but don't know how close in color the finals will get to the original samples.  I could post photos of the sample dice in the Backerkit and launch it, but then we run the risk of many of the thousands of backers not seeing the updated versions when they come out, struggling to change their orders, and/or getting upset that they missed, or are not happy with, the final production dice.  We plan to measure twice, and cut once, as much as possible.

3) Refunds: continue to be issued for those not wanting to keep waiting, and/or those not liking the available options; just message me.  As far as frustration with the delay, I hope people remember that this is a pre-order process (not store), and I am a single person with a full-time job with many patients and a young family.  And it turns out the CPA I hired as a result of the first campaign has lead to a huge mess I am currently discovering and having to clean up (I even had to hire a lawyer).  Jazzy Bear has been very helpful with this campaign, but I am the rate-limiting factor. 

4) Supply concerns:  I am prepared to start shipment of production dice from China as soon as dice are all ready and packed (into 4-packs, including the mix packs).  If demand (as measured by the Backerkit) looks to exceed supply on certain types of dice, I am considering producing more of that type and airmailing them in while the main shipment is still on the water.  

However, there might be limits to how many of each type a backer can order.  For example,I am not sure it is wise to allow a single backer to order thirteen 4-packs of KS exclusive dice. 

5) Final Production Dice Photos:  You can see the final production samples (except Clear Blue with Gold and Matte Black with Red) at the pre-order store (remember, don't try to order them there yet).  Due to supply concerns, I don't plan on marketing this store to non-backers until most Backers have claimed their dice.

I also want you all to get the dice as soon as possible.  Thanks to those of you that continue to be patient and understanding.


#14 Happy New Year/Decade
about 2 months ago – Sat, Jan 04, 2020 at 11:32:52 PM

Dear Team DoubleSix,


1) Happy New Year and Decade to all of you and yours. 

2) MEA CULPA: Been 2 months since the last update (yikes!). I am sorry.

3)  PRODUCTION and packing won't be completed until the end of February. 

4) PLEDGE MANAGER (PM) has been mostly built, thanks to Jazzy Bear, and should come out in several more weeks.  You can preview and share the Pre-Order store here (it is meant for late backers, not for campaign backers):

5) DELIVERY DATE ESTIMATE: You should have your dice in hand by May.

6) REFUNDS: Please message me if you want that refund, no questions asked. 



1) Happy New Year and Decade to all of you and yours. 

2) MEA CULPA: Been 2 months since the last update (oof, time flies).  For those of you not yet sick of my apologies and excuses: I am sorry.  Jazzy Bear is doing a crap-ton of work providing information and immediate updates in the comments section and answering questions, and he built almost all of the pledge manager, with no assistance.  If not for him, I would have had a nervous breakdown.

While I do post in the comments, I have gotten in the habit of wanting to only post big updates, which make them less frequent, but also makes me avoid working on them.  For the rest of this campaign, I will post more frequently, even if there is little to report, as we are rounding the corner and entering the home stretch.  

For the next Kickstarter (Gen 3), I hope to start posting more frequent and shorter updates as information comes up and in, and might even let Jazzy Bear take more of the lead on that entire campaign, as he has been very involved and helpful since the first campaign, and is a 40 year TTRPG (TableTop RolePlaying Gamer) veteran and DM.

3)  PRODUCTION and packing won't be completed before Chinese New Year, which is starting around Jan 15th for some of the factory workers, and will take about a month.  

Run 2 is under production—They were off for one week this month to cooperate with the government's annual environment and security check.  There was also a delay as they wanted to create a new mold for the Otakus as the old one started to have paint bubbles in the tails (I only recently learned about this, as they told me about this after the fact). 

Run 1 is completed, and packed (80% in 4-packs, and 20% loose) and in cartons, which also takes time to order (and they miscalculated the cartons needed). 

4) PLEDGE MANAGER (PM) has been mostly built, thanks to Jazzy Bear, and should come out in several more weeks.  You can preview and share the Pre-Order store here (it is meant for late backers, not for campaign backers):

In this pre-order store, you can see the dice photos and collector's pack (but as a backer, don't order anything).  You KS backers will have better shipping and lower pricing.   Jazzy Bear found a way to get all of you wanting MORE dice than your initial pledge at a lesser price, while still covering costs.  More to come about the PM in the next update, including the changes he had to make to the Kickstarter Pledge Manager (we are using Backerkit).

5) DELIVERY DATE ESTIMATE:  Hopefully Production and Packaging for both runs will be completed by the end of February. Shipping on a "slow boat from China" can take four to six weeks and then US customs is usually two more weeks, so end of April. At that point the dice will be at our fulfillment center (likely Gambler's Warehouse in Texas) and ready to be picked and packed from your Pledge Manager selections and finally sent to you! This should mean you have your dice in hand by May.

6) REFUNDS: I have begun to provide full refunds to those who aren't happy with the product (e.g. color options aren't appealing) or the service (this is taking too long, not enough communication, we missed the holidays, etc).  Please message me if you want that refund, no questions asked.  Do remember that you are getting these for significantly below retail, so it will be worth the wait!

Rollin' on,

Matt (and Jazzy Bear)

#13: The Halloween Update
4 months ago – Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 01:15:29 PM

Dear Team DoubleSix,


Pledge Manager (PM):  Again, this will come out AFTER all production dice are completed, which will also allow you to update your mailing address. 

Delayed Delivery: Your pledge will be delayed, and unlikely to arrive in December, as previously estimated.  I am sorry about this.  Reasons for this listed below. 

Second Half of Production:  Based on the survey results (which you can see HERE), we are going to produce the following dice (and it will be made from a new master mold, with the 2nd pip on the 2 side further away from the edge): Pearl Dark Gray with Teal, Frosted Dark Gray with Silver, Pearl Brown with Teal, Glitter Pink with White, Glitter Gold with White, and Frosted Red with Silver. 

Video:  Close up of the repainted dice.

Next steps:  Choose and prepare the Pledge Manager (PM), and finalize dice bags and collectors mix combinations.  Please feel free to check comments sections of the main page for news and answers between formal Updates. 


Pledge Manager (PM):  This will come out AFTER all production dice are completed.  This is so the PM will be able to include photos of each die off the production line, so that all backers will be able to see and order exactly what they are going to get.  It will also allow you to update your mailing address at that time (no need to try to do so now). 

Delivery Update: I am sorry, but due to various delays, you are unlikely to get your dice in December.  Delays have been a result of a combination of factors: 

  • (A) For the first half of production, several backers, and myself, noted that a pip on the 2 side was too close to the edge (photo below: old mold on the right). It might not look too bad on the mold, but after production models undergo some tumbling and polishing, the pip gets even closer to the edge. 
  • Starry Games decided to produce a new master mold (photo: on the left) in order to move a pip away from the edge (on the 2), after a period of trying other ways to address this issue (they were somehow able to fix a similar issue with the 3 side).  I was prepared to continue using the old mold, but Starry decided (on their own and behind the scenes) to produce a whole new mold for the second half of production.  Good news: the second half (Gen 2.5) will have a slightly better appearance.  Not as good news: it slowed us down, and these dice won't exactly match the first half of production (Gen 2.0).
  • (B) Also not at my request (I told them I didn't mind a slightly larger pip), they went in to find and remove dice with the single pip being a different size than the one on the opposite side (around 13-17% for these 7 colors) and reproduce them.   Apparently, one of their 4 engraver machines (which engraves the single pip on one side) was off. 
  • (C) They repainted 25,000 dice from the first half production (15,000 Clear Dark Blue with Gold, and 10,000 of the Matte Black with Red), at my request.  You might recall, the red was darker than the samples, and the gold was not nearly as shiny as the samples. 
  • (D) Various holiday breaks and periods where Nico was at international gaming conventions. 

What should speed things up a bit:

  • Starry has started packing the 4-packs in little ziplock baggies (at $0.025 each).
  • And I am planning on using Gambler's Warehouse to pick and pack and ship the orders, which should be way quicker than me and my mom doing it again.  

Video:  Close up of the repainted dice. Intro by Jazzy Bear. 

Second Half of Production:  Based on the survey results (which you can see HERE), we are going to produce the following dice:

As well as: 

  • Clear Yellow with White
  • Clear Orange with White
  • Clear Purple Otaku with Gold
  • Pearl Teal Jazzy Bear with Orange
  • Pearl Dark Gray Monty with Teal
  • Frosted Dark Gray with Kickstarter Green
  • Clear Dark Blue with White

You can see how many of each were ordered on this spreadsheet.

For the Matte Black with Light Gray, Nico wrote: "For the black dice, we will remove the plant oil on the surface so that you and gamers can see the matte surface at the first glance."  Oiled dice on the right, and the left will be closer to the final production version.  Looks like the pip paint also is effected.  

Next Steps:  Preparing Pledge Manager, and finalizing dice bags and the composition of the mixed 4-packs. Please feel free to check comments for info in-between formal Updates, Jazzy Bear doing a great job answering questions and bringing everyone up to speed, and I will also chime in   

Finishing the fight,