DoubleSix Dice: Generation Two

Created by Matt Fleming (DoubleSix Dice)

PRE-ORDER: Brand new materials/effects for the acclaimed twelve-sided dice (numbered 1-6 twice and providing a more satisfying feel and roll). Small batch and hand-poured. Lots of new colors and new styles like Pearl, Smoke, Glitter, Frosted and more! ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: Sept FLAT SHIPPING: $5.75 US, $14 Canada, and $17 Rest of the World.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #24: Shipping updates
4 months ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 02:34:38 AM

Dear Team DoubleSix,

SUMMARY: All dice have been sent.

US backers: No tracking number or dice yet?  Fill out this form.

International Orders:  There are many postal delays.  Check your tracking numbers here, and your country status here.  No tracking number yet? Fill out this form

Not happy with your dice?  Fill out this form


All packages have gone out.  International ones left the warehouse last week, and US ones prior to that. 

Hopefully, almost all of you US backers have gotten your dice, or will any day now.  There might still be some delays, depending on your local post office and the impact Covid has had on their staff and operations.  There have also been recent policy changes that might have slowed things down even more.  

Depending on the US destination, Gambler's uses third party shippers (like DHL, for example) to get the package to your local post office.  At that point, the packages will be scanned and updated (which is why some backers got the tracking number updated on the same day they received the package). 

If you are a US backer and still have not received a tracking update or your dice, please fill out this form

If you are an International Backer, you can enter your tracking number here to get a more accurate update (tracking numbers can also be found in your Backerkit account).  You can also see your country's postal delays in the "Fully Tracked, Country Tracked" Tab on this spreadsheet.  

If you have received your dice, but aren't satisfied (ie. missing or flawed dice), please fill out this form (where you indicate the problem, and the resolution you desire/will find acceptable).  Please do this even if you have already messaged or emailed me about your concern.  After a week or two, I will assess the scope of the issues, and then determine how to best proceed in an attempt to satisfy every backer.  

Thanks much for your added patience.  I am relieved that most of you seem to be liking the product so far. 


#23 Shipping continues (All Domestic orders completed; International ones are next)
4 months ago – Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 10:18:29 PM

Dear Team DoubleSix,


1. Shipping update: All US orders have been packed and shipped out (though it is possible that some of you have yet to get your tracking number).  3,116 of the 4,128 Backerkit tracking notifications have been sent out and more should come by the end of Monday. The international orders will start getting picked, packed, and mailed next (I assume starting Monday).

2. Tracking numbers:  there is a longer than ideal process for you to get your tracking number. 

3. Mailing labeling:  Packages are currently being mailed as "bound printed matter."  Some backers have expressed curiosity and concern about this (as dice are not bound printed matter).  

4. Problems:  Most backers seem happy with the quality.  Some mistakes in packing include with Mixes (missing or wrong dice), especially Mix #3. 

5. Your satisfaction is my goal:  if you are looking for compensation for missing or flawed dice, please email me at (please include photos, if possible).   I am considering refunds and replacements for incorrect domestic orders, and refunds and alternative arrangements for international orders. 


1. Shipping update: Sam told me that all US orders have been mailed out (though it is possible that some of you have yet to get your tracking number).   Of the domestic orders, the larger orders went last, and took longer to pick and pack and double-check.  The international orders will start getting picked, packed, and mailed next (I assume starting Monday).

2. Tracking numbers: Once the shipments are processed by the post office, the tracking numbers get pushed back to Backerkit at the end of the day (this can take some time, oddly), and then I need to click a button to actually have them sent to you.  So if you are based in the US and have yet to get your tracking number, either check your junk folder (or Backerkit account), or wait a day or two as it might still be in process. 


3. Mailing labeling:  Packages are currently being mailed as "bound printed matter."  Some backers have expressed curiosity and concern about this.  I appreciate the head's up and the discussion.  I have been talking with Sam about it, and he and his boss knows about these concerns.  Sam assures me that everyone will get their dice.  I am going to assume that Gambler's and the USPS know what they are doing, as they have been working together for years.  I am not comfortable accusing anyone of any impropriety (or negligence) at the moment, though I can appreciate that dice being mailed as bound printed matter raises eyebrows.

I paid Gambler's up front to pick, pack, and mail the dice, and it sounds like it is happening as I had ordered.  When I agreed to work with them, I did not ask them exactly how they planned to mail the packages. I am going to assume that the folks at the post office can obviously tell that the bulky and irregular packages of dice are likely not catalogs and such, and if it is an issue, we will know in about a week or two if packages are being held up.

So for the time being, I have noted the concerns, and will continue to monitor and be vigilant.  My primary goal is to get everyone their dice.  Making sure that all parties are playing by the rules will have to wait, for now.

4. Problems: Based on the comments and messages I have received, most folks are happy with the dice quality thus far (whew!).  However, the most common issue is missing or wrong dice in some mix packs.  Sam eventually caught this with Mix #3, and tried to remove the packs with incorrectly colored dice.  However, he did leave the ones with clear blue with white even though they are supposed to be with gold (which at least one backer has written to me about).  The photo he sent below includes the obvious wrong combos (left two) that are easy to identify and put aside. 

5. Your satisfaction is my goal:  if you are looking for compensation for missing or flawed dice, please email me at (include photos, if possible).  I will keep track of all these emails, and in about a week after most everyone has gotten their dice and had a chance to message me, I will assess the total number of mistakes, and see how many I can replace, verses refund (for domestic orders).  Feel free to make your case for seeking replacements (vs. a refund) and I will also try to keep that in mind.  

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely I will be able to mail out replacements internationally at no cost to you.  I am happy to either issue a refund, or to try figure something else out, like adding the replacements to another discounted order (your second order, or to an order to your friend).

I know many of you are passionate dice addicts and DoubleSixers, so you want exactly what you ordered (I get it), and I will try to work with you.  However, I am also grateful to those of you that might not be completely satisfied with your order, but are willing to let it slide. 


We can see the finish line.  Thanks for everyone's understanding and patience.  Please stay safe out there.


#22 Packing Begins Today
5 months ago – Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 04:09:10 PM

Hey, Team DoubleSix,

Hope everyone is doing well and healthy.  


1) Backerkits have been locked (orders and addresses) and credit cards charged (if declined, you should have gotten an email about this). 

2) Packing begins today.   Packing and mailing for the entire campaign should take 1-2 weeks.  

3) The order of packing is not determined by backer or pledge number, but rather a process that most simplifies things on their end. 

4) Packing updates will be daily and posted in the comments section. 

5) Flawed Dice are possible and will be refunded.

6) Incomplete orders will be minimized, but still possible.  Missing 4-packs will be refunded (not necessarily resent). 

7) International Orders are tracked, but will take longer due to the pandemic. 


1) Backerkits have been locked (orders and addresses) and credit cards charged.  If your card was declined, you would have gotten an email indicating this.  Go back into your Backerkit account (via the original link sent to you) to update your card.  If you can't find the link, direct message me and I will resend it to you.  

Remember, a card was already charged for your original pledge via Kickstarter last year.  You will only be charged again if you added-on to your original pledge via Backerkit. 

2) Packing begins today.  Orders are currently being exported from Backerkit into their system and will take a couple of hours.  Once that is done, they will start picking and packing and mailing later today.  Mailing will be at the end of each day.   Packing and mailing for the entire campaign should take 1-2 weeks.  

3) The order of packing is not determined by backer or pledge number, but rather a process that most simplifies things on their end.  Sounds like they are going to try smaller US orders first, to get a hang of the process (this is a complicated job with so many SKUs and a large margin for error).  We discussed them starting with US because if they mess up an International order, it will be cost prohibitive for us to mail out, again, the missing dice.  Once they improve their process, the error rate should drop.  If there are missing dice on International orders, I will refund, not resend, them.  I hope you all understand.  Depending on how many incomplete orders on US dice, I might resend missing dice, or just refund, for missing orders.

4) Packing updates: Sam informed me that I will get a daily email indicating how many packages were packed and mailed that day.  I will post this info daily in the main comments section.  Today's count will likely be small due to the late start in the day, and for them to get used to the process. 

5) Flawed Dice: What we cannot control now is any flawed dice in your order.  I asked our manufacturers to check dice before packing them in the plastic baggies (4-packs), but with over 300K dice packed, there will still be flawed dice that get through.  The most common flaw will be missing pips, a result of the painting computer camera not detecting the blank pip and thus not filling it.  I will refund Backers for these and all unsatisfactory dice.  

6) Incomplete orders: I continue to stress the importance of order accuracy, even at the cost of speed.  Sam is clear on this.  We have taken steps to increase accuracy, like coming up with a better labeling system for the SKUs.  He also plans to iterate on their process to increase accuracy.  There is a learning curve for them with this job, and there will be some errors.  

7) International Orders:  I have paid extra to have these orders tracked.  Again, unfortunately, I can only refund, but not resend, missing or flawed dice.  I have also been informed that due to the pandemic, international orders will take longer.  See memo below regarding other international packages:

"There aren't enough flights going out of the US due to which we are seeing over delays everyday. USPS had to send packages by ship because they couldn't anticipate any flights nearly in the past. Some of the packages are still in transit.

We are looking for all the alternative options which aren't affected too much by covid-19. Till then I would highly suggest letting the customers know to expect high delays due to the pandemic."

Thanks for your immense patience and understanding.  Stay safe and smart. 

Any day now,


Update #21: Dice finally arrived and are getting prepped for packing and mailing
6 months ago – Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 01:17:02 AM

Dear Team DoubleSix,


1) Your dice are at Gambler's Warehouse, where they will be picked, packed, and mailed.  Our contact there, Sam, estimates they will start packing orders in 2-3 weeks, and that it will take 1-2 weeks to get them all mailed out (they have other jobs ahead of us).

2) Backerkits will be locked and credit cards charged at the last possible moment (to allow for last minute address changes).  Again, if you want me to charge your card now, please direct message me.

3) The next Kickstarter Update (#22) will likely be when the first orders are about to be fulfilled.  Until then, if you are ever curious about the status of the fulfillment and campaign, please check back here in the campaign comments section (not in this update #21), where I will continue to post more incremental news as it arises.  


1) The dice arrived at Gambler's Warehouse on the 28th.  Inspection took a while, and earlier today, Sam and I went over the labeling of the boxes (there were a few mistakes we needed to clear up).  I also got these photos that I had requested for this update (taken today).   

They did not yet open the boxes to double-check the contents, as there were too many and Sam wanted to first get them situated.  

I asked Sam what the estimated timeline was, and he said it might be 2-3 weeks to start the process, and it should take about a week, maybe more, to mail them all out.  He stated that part of the delay and lengthy time is that they are understaffed (including a team-member recovering from surgery), and they are slammed with other jobs.  He also said that ours was a particularly challenging job with all the SKUs, backers, and large size and variety of each order.  

I do want them to be thoughtful and careful with the picking and packing, and take the time they need to do it right, as there is a lot of room for error.  Even if one of the, say,  ten 4-packs a Backer ordered is incorrect, that will be one unhappy Backer, likely demanding the correct dice or a refund (which I will do for wrong dice, if requested).  However, it will be too cost prohibitive for me to mail out the correct dice again, especially to international backers, so unfortunately, I can only guarantee refunds, and not replacements.   

3) Please check the campaign comments section for more news if you are ever wondering what is going on.  I prefer to save official Kickstarter Updates for significant news and/or a summary of recent news.  I plan to check back in with Sam in a week or two to get an updated time estimate, and post it in the comments section.  If we are likely going significantly longer than the original estimate of a 2-3 week start time, I will post another official update.  

Almost there,


Update #20: En Route
7 months ago – Thu, May 14, 2020 at 07:17:14 PM

Dear Team DoubleSix,


1. Dice are in LA, and now have to get to Dallas, with an ETA of May 25th.

2. Pre-order store has been updated for non-backers and will go live soon.

3. Backerkit locking and credit card charging will happen around May 25th (when the dice arrive at the packing center).   Message me if you want me to do this prior. 


1. Shipping Update:  The dice were boarded on the YM Mobility in Shenzen port on April 26th, and arrived at Los Angeles Port on May 12th, and are set to get to Gambler's Warehouse (Dallas) around May 25th, where all orders will be picked, packed, and shipped to Backers. 

Some communication problems resulted in some delays.  I assumed our guy Sam (helped us with Gen One) could get the dice from the Houston port to the Gambler's Warehouse (outside of Dallas), but that wasn't the case.  So we went down to the wire scrambling, and I was close to pulling the plug with Sam while the dice where in Shenzen port waiting to board a boat.  He eventually indicated that he could get the dice to Dallas (via LA), though it might cost me about $1,000 more than using (which I should have used, but a felt a sense of loyalty to stick with him, again).  

However, his latest email didn't inspire complete confidence in me: "Already confirm with USA agent,   Yes will arrange LA to Dallas,  by truck,  the ETA might about 25-May,  pls don't worry."  Last time, he did get the cargo to Baltimore, though I had to arrange customs clearance and trucking the dice from Baltimore to my house near Washington, DC.  Fingers crossed that he can get the dice to the final destination, or else we are going to have $55K worth of cargo collecting storage fees in LA until we can extract it (btw...I really enjoyed the movie, Extraction, on Netflix). 

I am awaiting details regarding getting the dice from LA to Dallas, and will post smaller updates in the comments section prior to posting more details in another official update.  I just wired Sam $2,300 yesterday to pay for door-to-door, so the dice better get to Gambler's soon.  

2. Pre-order store update:

Now that 96% of Backers have claimed their dice, I plan to make the Pre-order store public. However, I wanted to run the store by you all, to make sure I address backer questions and concerns before it goes public.  Please take a look here.  Remember, this store is for non-backers, not you guys, but you will be able to link your friends to it. 

3. Order lock and credit card charges:  address change requests continue to trickle in, so in order to limit how much I have to do manually, I will leave Backerkit orders unlocked and uncharged until the dice get to Gambler's Warehouse (around May 25th).  If you want me to lock your order so I can charge your credit card sooner than that, please direct message me and I will do so.  

Rolling down the home stretch,